News Conferences Video(s) - City of Austin, TX Video Archive
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Video Date Duration
City COVID-19 News Conference  Nov 24, 2020 49m 56s
Plane Crash Press Conference  Oct 26, 2020 05m 55s
Sanctuary City Petition News Conference   Oct 26, 2020 13m 03s
City COVID-19 News Conference  Oct 20, 2020 25m 20s
City COVID-19 News Conference  Oct 15, 2020 53m 48s
Veterans Thank You Presentation  Oct 02, 2020 12m 57s
Complete Count LBK  Sep 10, 2020 29m 27s
KLB Landscape Award – LHUCA  Aug 17, 2020 09m 55s
COVID-19 Press Conference  Aug 13, 2020 29m 47s
Public Health Emergency Microgrant Support Program  Jun 16, 2020 23m 31s

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