News Conferences Video(s) - City of Austin, TX Video Archive
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Video Date Duration
Ice Cream with the Mayor   Jul 14, 2020 01h 00m
No Fireworks PSA  Jun 30, 2020 01m 22s
Cares Act Funds PSA Joy  Jun 16, 2020 01m 17s
Cares Act Funds PSA Harris  Jun 16, 2020 01m 14s
State of the City Check Presentation  Jun 16, 2020 05m 27s
Cares Act Funds PSA Spanish Chadis  Jun 16, 2020 01m 14s
Police North Sub Station  Jun 12, 2020 14m 24s
Citibus OnDemand  Jun 03, 2020 01m 56s
Health Care FlyOver  May 15, 2020 00m 31s
Capital Improvements Advisory Committee Meeting  May 08, 2020 01h 17m

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